Mergers & Acquisitions

Direct Selling Capital Advisors provides both buy and sell-side M&A services to both client companies and various investment firms and groups.

Buy Side

Corporate boards and management teams are consistently looking for the next impetus for their company’s growth, which can often be found via a strategic acquisition.

Additionally, private equity and other institutional investment firms are in search of investments that will drive ROI and create long-term value. Direct Selling Capital Advisors provides a suite of services to assist clients in identifying, qualifying, negotiating, financing and closing both corporate and investment acquisitions.

These include target identification, due diligence, pro forma financial modeling, valuation analysis, deal negotiation, debt financing, structuring (in conjunction with tax and legal counsel) and closing coordination.

Sell Side

Direct Selling Capital Advisor’s sell side advisory services are designed to achieve the highest possible valuation for client companies whose ownership, or board, has decided that a sale of all, or part, of their business is desirable, regardless of the motivations behind the decision.

In addition, Direct Selling Capital Advisors provides services in the event of unsolicited offers. On the sell side, We work with client companies to put their best foot forward and present the Company in a manner most appealing to any potential acquirer.

The firm then utilizes its relationships and proprietary industry research and information to develop a comprehensive target list of potential acquirers to which the client Company will be marketed.