Direct Selling Capital Advisors focuses on identifying and financing mid to small-market growth companies that are ready to develop into tomorrow’s market leaders. Our client’s draw immediate and unparalleled value from our substantial ties in the primary sectors served.

Our long-standing relationships and experience provides uncommon access, insight, and knowledge. Direct Selling Capital Advisors offers a comprehensive suite of capital planning, financing, and advisory solutions. The firm is committed to exceptional, idea-driven and approachable service.

Our team is committed, above all else, to satisfying the client’s strategic objectives in closing transactions. We successfully deliver highly customized merger and acquisition, capital attainment and partnering solutions to organizations like yours by targeting and capitalizing on unique and differentiating opportunities. Direct Selling Capital Advisors operates in an integrity-driven, relationship focused capacity in an effort to traverse complex financial challenges to achieve long-term objectives.


The principals at Direct Selling Capital Advisors possess decades of incomparable expertise across core industries.
Combined with our deep, long-standing relationships, we are uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled value to our clients.

Stuart Johnson

Stuart Johnson

Co-founder & Partner

Leveraging his extensive experience and contacts across our primary industry verticals, Mr. Johnson founded Direct Selling Capital Advisors in 2019.

Ryan Bright

Ryan Bright

Co-founder & Partner

Mr. Bright possesses nearly 20 years of experience as a financial and investment executive and co-founded Direct Selling Capital Advisors with
Mr. Johnson.


Preston Hund




Business Development