Business Development

Due to the extensive nature of its involvement and relationships within its focus industry verticals, Direct Selling Capital Advisors frequently finds itself in position to assist client companies with the growth of their businesses in a manner(s) outside of the scope of traditional investment banking services.

Proprietary Transactions

Direct Selling Capital Advisor’s proprietary transaction business is inclusive of opportunities for business combinations or acquisitions envisioned as beneficial by Direct Selling Capital Advisors. In these instances, the firm builds a business case and model for the transaction and then presents it to the potential participants without a specific client mandate.

Due to its deep involvement in its focus industry verticals, Direct Selling Capital Advisors is often in position to identify these opportunities before the industry participants themselves.

Joint Ventures & Partnership Opportunities

Similar to its proprietary transactions business above, Direct Selling Capital Advisors is ideally positioned to create and facilitate joint ventures and partnerships amongst participants in its focus verticals.

These arrangements can involve cross-marketing opportunities, product line acquisitions and the licensing of intellectual property, amongst others.